When I was young, we often headed for Presque Isle County, Michigan to enjoy family camping trips. Later, my Dad and I went bowhunting there during my later teenage years. My last trip back to that area was during my sophomore year at Michigan tech. This page is dedicated to some of the enjoyable things I did in that area.


Hawks was the nearest town to the area where we camped and later hunted. These pictures were taken in 2002, on a nostalgic trip back to Presque Isle County to re-connect with my Dad’s spirit after he passed away earlier that year.

Lake May

During my teenage years, my Dad and I helped our hunting friend Andy Shaw build a cabin on Lake May. Here are some photos of the lake and the cabin.

Lost Lake

Lost Lake is another place that brings back fond memories to me. There was a cabin resort there owned by a woman named Madelyn Kyser. One year my parents took me and my two sisters out of school for an entire week so that our family could stay in the cabin shown here. This allowed us to get away for an  “Up North” vacation while he hunted. I can still remember working on school work in that cabin, and going out fishing in an old row boat, leaving from the dock in front of that cabin.


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