Old Stone Buildings II

September in Wisconsin ends with fall color just beginning to arrive. Another nice sky drew me out with my camera to capture these old buildings in my local area.

Speak of the Past

Speak of the Past

Tiny Abode

Tiny Abode

The Hamilton Inn

The Hamilton Inn

Slim Jims

Photographers I know call photos like these Slim Jims. I took these pictures hoping to be able to use them as banners on my camera club’s home page, but I couldn’t make the aspect ratio work with the pixels I had. I still enjoyed taking these shots, though. So, I decided to use them in this blog post.







Later – I finally got what I was after to use as a home page banner image for my camera club’s home page. Here it is:


Lion’s Den Gorge Walk


Taking advantage of a nice late summer day, I visited Lion’s Den Gorge, on the Lake Michigan shoreline just south of Port Washington, Wisconsin. The last flowers of summer were in bloom, but a few leaves were already starting to turn red, a harbinger of the imminent change of seasons, as fall approaches.